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asphalt repair company in colorado

Asphalt is easy to drive on

Smooth pavement makes commuting better. It reduces wear and tear on drivers’ cars and even improves gas mileage. The smooth surface also reduces noise pollution, because it cuts down on heavy rattling and jostling. Whether you want a strip of pavement in front of your commercial buildings or you need a road near a residential area, a quiet material like asphalt gets you better results. Call us for asphalt contractors in Colorado.

We can lay roads and perform asphalt repairs in Colorado quickly

Concrete has a long curing period that asphalt doesn’t have to worry about. As soon as the asphalt is compactly laid and cooled, drivers can use it. This means your roads can be widened and improved during off-peak hours, so you can get back to business with little to no interruption. When you need fast service at a reasonable price call Northern Paving and Excavation, your local asphalt repair company.  

Asphalt is also the go-to material for quick repairs, which makes it ideal for the regular repair needed in Colorado. If you need to refinish an asphalt parking lot or smooth out the roads near a recent construction, we can remove the top layer and lay new asphalt in its place. This top layer, called the wearing course, is built to take on damage and be easily replaced so the underlayers stay safe through even high-volume traffic. The top layer is what allows our asphalt contractors in Colorado to move quickly to address the issue.

Asphalt is safer in a flood

When it rains in Colorado, it pours. And our asphalt contractors in Colorado know that all that water is going to flood the streets, creating some of the most dangerous driving conditions possible. But asphalt is built to quickly disperse and drain excess water away from the road’s surface, making for a much safer driving experience. Lines and symbols on asphalt roads also show up better in poor visibility to help drivers get home safely. After the flood, call our asphalt repair company for any repairs needed in Colorado.

No matter what road or pavement you need built, our asphalt contractors in Colorado have the expertise to take care of it. Contact us at Northern Paving and Excavation for a free quote.

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