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Asphalt provides a smooth ride

Smooth pavement makes for a better commute in more ways than one. It lessens the wear and tear on vehicles and even impacts gas mileage. Having a smooth surface also helps with noise pollution because it reduces loud rattling caused by large vehicles and trailers. If you need a new parking lot in front of your business or a new road in your neighborhood, using asphalt will get you the results you are looking for. Contact us, your local asphalt company in New Mexico for your next pavement project.

Asphalt is the safest option when it rains

When it rains in New Mexico, the threat of flooding is high. Flooded roads create some of the most dangerous driving conditions possible. But our asphalt paving contractors know that asphalt is the answer because it quickly disperses water and drains any excess off the road’s surface, offering a safer commute in stormy weather. Asphalt roads also allow lines and symbols to show up more noticeably in poor visibility to guide drivers in poor conditions. When the rain stops, call your local asphalt company in New Mexico and let our asphalt paving contractors assist you in your next project!

Asphalt is also the go-to material for quick repairs. If you want to refinish an asphalt parking lot or smooth out the roads near a recent construction, we can remove the top layer and put new asphalt in its place. This top layer, called the wearing course, is built to take on damage and be easily replaced so the underlayers stay safe through even high-volume traffic. The top layer lets us provide timely asphalt repair in Colorado and New Mexico.

We can lay roads and perform asphalt “rehab” in New Mexico quickly

When concrete is used, it has a long curing period which means the whole process of paving and repair takes longer. This is not a concern when asphalt is used. Once the asphalt is laid and cooled, it’s ready for drivers to use. This allows for road maintenance to be completed during off-peak hours, so you can enjoy a nice smooth surface without dealing with endless interruptions. When you need the help of a local asphalt company in New Mexico, call Northern Paving and Excavation.

Because asphalt is so quick-drying, it is the perfect thing to use for quick repairs. With the help of our asphalt and pavement contractors, you can finally get around to that asphalt rehab project that’s been on your list! So, if you want to refinish an existing parking lot or have a rough road that you need to get smoothed out, we can remove the top layer and lay new asphalt in its place. This top layer is called the wearing course and is built to endure daily damage and can be easily replaced, while the layers underneath remain intact and ready for further use. If you have an asphalt rehab project on your list, contact Northern Paving and Excavation, your local asphalt company in New Mexico.

Weather you need a new road or just some surface rehab, our asphalt paving contractors have the experience needed to take care of it. Contact Northern Paving and Excavation today, your local asphalt company in New Mexico!

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